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Workshop furniture:
workshop cases, wardrobes cases with benches/trolleys, multiple-section cases, and cases for cleaning and for assembly purposes
light warehouse racks and shelves, tailored shelves
manual and hydraulic mechanical jacks (palleting-, low lift- trolleys, pulleys, hydraulic and cable jacks)
Usage: industry, building industry, transportation, harbors etc.

Office and shop furniture:
registry boxes /with roll-up doors/, card ledgers,
containers for office tables, office tables and chairs in wood, tables and chairs for dining halls, for municipal authorities etc.
Usage: industry, building industry, transportation, trading firms etc.

School furniture:
school desks and chairs, PC tables, cases and boxes, light racks
Usage: elementary and high-schools, universities, offices etc.

Garden furniture:
square, rectangular and round tables, chairs
Usage: restaurants, breweries, for individuals etc.

Special cases/boxes:
Usage: for heavy storage, for firefighters, for hospitals etc.

Metal containers and packaging products:
different type of metal pallets (simple, standard, special, fenced, wired, and other metal containers)
Usage: automobile industry

for 2 or more persons (standard and luxurious model)
Usage: sport clubs, schools, rehabilitation facilities, for individuals etc.